Posted on: June 26, 2012 11:20 pm

Detroit Lions = Portland Jail Blazers

Unbelievable!  For the sixth time this year, a member of the Detroit Lions' roster has hit the police blotter.  The most recent blotter member is Aaron Berry; the cornerback was arrested early Saturday morning in Harrisburg, PA on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Barry was also charged with two counts of causing damage to an unattended vehicle or property and two counts of failure to stop and give information to law enforcement.  It was reported that he struck two vehicles, got out of his car and left the scene on foot.

Barry has joined his fellow teammates on the famous list of athletes posted on a police blotter for either excessive drinking (and driving) or smoking some "herbal substance".

Defensive Tackle Nick Fairley has been arrested for drunk driving and marijuana possession.

Running Back Mikel Leshoure has been arrested for marijuana possession....TWICE!!!

Offensive Lineman Johnny Culbreath has been arrested for marijuana possession.


This is sad because it seems like the Lions of last season played with reckless abandon (sometimes not controlled) and with that type of play, made their mark in the NFL as an up-and-coming team that made it to the playoffs for the first time since the 1999 season.  Head coach Jim Schwartz let go of the reigns and allowed the Lions to run wild to prove a point to other teams in the league that you can't push Detroit anymore; with that act comes consequences because when you let a team loose like that on the field, you run a chance of some players not knowing when to turn off that switch.  The Lions' organization needs to close the gate to the asylum because with every "off the field incident" like this catches the attention of the commissioner Roger Goodell, and we all know that he will go to any lengths to protect that shield (just ask the New Orleans Saints).

I know it might be early, but right now I got to compare them to the NBA's infamous Portland Jail Blazers of the early 2000s.  That was a team full of thugs and wannabe thugs who just didn't care about how they were acting and portrayed to the public and the Trailblazers fanbase.  You had players stealing from one another, threatening press staffers and cursing out fans who just wanted take a picture.  I'm not going to put the whole team down in a bad light because you did have some players who really cared about how they were viewed in the public's eye and did reach out to the Portland community, but at that time all of the news that was coming out of the Rose Garden was negative because of the few who were acting childish and just straight ignorant.

 I still consider Detroit Lions a team on the rise with quality players like Calvin Johnson, Brandon  and Matt Stafford, but when problems keep occurring off the field dealing with drugs and alcohol, people won't be looking at the Lions and thier fanbase in a positive light, but as the few absent-minded wannabe thugs that are on the team.

I'm just saying....

Posted on: June 8, 2012 10:21 am

Diddy’s son gets a scholarship to UCLA…so what!?!

News came out last week that the UCLA Bruins is giving a full ride scholarship (worth $54,000) to Justin Combs; in case you guys don’t know, Justin is the son of hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combsand he is worth an estimated $550 Million.  The media and some of the public were outraged of this news and believe that it is wrong for Justin to take the scholarship when his dad has the funds to pay the tuition for the whole student body at UCLA right now and that this move is taking away the opportunity of another student whole actually need the monetary help.  Let me get some stuff off my chest right now.

First, this is an athletic scholarship that was funded by ticket sales, media contracts, private donations and corporate partnerships…not from state funds, so this move will not take away from candidates-in-need.

People are up in arms on this situation like this is the first time a child of a celebrity was ever offered a scholarship to college.  PLEASE!!!! Nobody said anything when Matt Simms (son of Phil Simms) had a scholarship to play football for Tennessee (GO VOLS!), Marcus Jordan (son of Michael Jordan) had a scholarship to play basketball for Central Florida – hell, nobody had anything to say when two of Joe Montana’s son had scholarships to play football (Nick played for Washington and Nate played for…you guessed it – MONTANA) and Jerry Rice son (Jerry Jr.) will be playing on the same team as Justin at UCLA.  I didn’t hear one thing about that and the only reason it came up is because I was doing research for this blog. 

Is it because Diddy makes so much money that it would be a sin for his son to take a scholarship?  It’s Diddy’s money, not Justin’s! Justin did this on his own; the 5-foot 9-inch, 170 pound defensive back did the damn thing on the football field.  I heard about Justin about a year or two ago and they had footage on him in action.  Nobody is saying he’s going into the NFL, but he was good enough to get offers from Wyoming, Virginia and Illinois (damn, I wish the Fighting Illini would have got him).  He graduated from high school with a 3.75 GPA, that’s good enough for me.

Universities know what they are doing, every school would love to generate a buzz from having a celebrity’s kid on their team.  They give the kid a scholarship worth tens of thousands of dollars hoping the celebrity turn around and donate millions into the school. Oh, I forgot that the universities are looking to educate and not considered a business to make money…yea, right.

Justin Combs got the scholarship on his own merit.  People need to get a life and worry about other things going on instead of what a kid of a celebrity is doing.

I’m just saying…

Posted on: March 26, 2012 12:01 pm

Saints were dealt a heavy blow....

When the hammer came down on the Saints organization, I thought the penalties were extremely too much.  I thought Payton and Loomis would get 4 games, Williams would get 8 games and players like linebacker Jonathan Vilma would get 2-4.  I guess I was wrong...

-Sean Payton suspended for the entire 2012 season
-GM Mickey Loomis received an 8-game suspension
-Assistant coach Joe Vitt received a 6-game suspension
-Former Defensive Coordinator Gregg Willams (who ran the bounty program) SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY!!!
-The Saints were fined $500,000 and lost the 2nd round picks in 2012 AND 2013.
-Still waiting on the player sto get punished.

This is almost as worse as the DEATH PENALTY that was put on the SMU Mustangs football program back in 1987.  Let's step back and look at the comparisons...

The NCAA picked up on a report and investigated the school and discovered that a real estate developer had been supplying money used to pay the school's players, though other boosters were believed to have been involved. The payments were approved by the school.

The Saints coaching staff and players were told by the NFL and their owner to stop the bounty program before the 2009 season, gut they continued and when they were investigated, Coach Payton lied to investigators and instructed his defensive assistants to lie.

Hmmmm.  I remembered growing up, if my dad told me to stop doing something and he found out that I didn't and kept doing it multiple times AND then tried to cover it up....I would get a whooping that I never had before and would show my sister what would happen if I catch you doing it.  This is what Goodell has done, severely penalize the organization to show that he's not playing and to show other teams in the NFL that if I catch yu doing this...expect the same.

I'm not a Goodell fan, but I understand why the penalties were so harsh; even if I didn't understand...Goodell is showing us who's behinc the wheel and dare you to contest him. 

Posted on: March 7, 2012 10:57 pm

It’s Official….Peyton Manning is a FREE AGENT!!!!

Even though it was written on the wall, it’s still kind of surreal.  Peyton Manning, one of the best QBs (if not the best), a player who brought the Indianapolis Colts from a floor mat to a Super Bowl champion, a player who “Built Lucas Oil Stadium”, a player who started every meaningful game for 13 seasons—227 in a row, including the playoffs…was shown the door by the only NFL team he’s known for the 14 years he has been in the league.  Standing at the podium alongside owner Jim Irsay, who cut the injured star Wednesday rather than pay a whopping $28 million bonus due this week, Manning was nostalgic—he got choked up while praising the Colts’ management, players, equipment managers, media and fans.

I personally cannot blame the owner Irsay for making this league-changing move…let’s not forget, the NFL is a business and this is nothing but a wise business move.  The Colts finished the 2011-2012 season 2-14, tied with the Rams for the worst record in the league and they are blessed to have the No. 1 pick in April’s NFL Draft where they are set to pick one of the two pre-destined franchise QB between Stanford’s Andrew Luck and Baylor’s Robert Griffin III.  As a business owner, you cannot rest the fate of your investment on a franchise player who just missed a whole season with a neck issue that took 3-4 operations to get corrected and you still don’t know if it’s healed.  If Irsay was to pay Manning his $28 million bonus and it ends up that he has to sit out another season OR retire because of his health, that error would set the Colts back AT LEAST 2-3 years….as a businessman, you cannot afford that!

The trigger has been pulled and Peyton manning, the only four-time MVP in NFL history now figures to become as coveted a free agent as the league has ever seen. Arizona, Miami, Seattle, Tennessee, Washington and the New York Jets all have been rumored as possible destinations.


As hard as it may seem, it’s time for Manning to move on.

Posted on: March 6, 2012 6:23 pm
Edited on: March 6, 2012 6:29 pm

Wait a minute…we have ANOTHER Syracuse Scandal?

I was impressed when the Orange(men) of Syracuse University men’s basketball was able to move forward with their season when the Bernie Fine (sexual molestation) Scandal came out.  They are 30-1 right now (17-1 in conference) and are looking like the will have the No. 1 seed in the Big East tourney.  Look like everything was going well….until ANOTHER scandal has surfaced (damn!).

It has been reported that the Syracuse men’s basketball program failed to adhere to the drug policy while playing ineligible players for the decade.  AT LEAST 10 PLAYERS since 2001 tested positive for a banned recreational substance (or substances).  All 10 players were allowed to practice and play at times when they should have been suspended by the Athletic Department, some players may not have known about their own ineligibility.

Another thing that gets me is that when they asked if head coach Jim Boehiem had any knowledge of this going on, it was quoted that he did not…now wait a minute…he didn’t know about his former assistant coach Bernie Fine (that he has known for over 30 years) and how he supposedly likes to sexually molest young men…now you’re going to tell me he didn’t know this latest scandal (which has been going on for over a decade) is something he didn’t know either?

I can take the stand that a head coach cannot know EVERYTHING, but damn….he has to know SOMETHING that is going on with his/her program.  Don’t act stupid all the time.


I’m just saying….

Posted on: February 28, 2012 3:01 pm

RYAN BRAUN: Did he or didn't he?

Ryan Joseph Braun (aka The Hebrew Hammer)
College: University of Miami (on an ACADEMIC scholarship)

*Ranked No. 16 by the Sporting News in its 2011 list of the 50 greatest current players in the MLB and won the 2011 NL MVP award.
*Won the NL Rookieof the Year Award in 2007.
*Starting All-Star and won the NL Outfielder Silver Slugger Award in each of the past four seasons (2008-2011).

If you have been watching ESPN (reported on Outside The Lines on December 10, 2011) for the past couple of months, I'm sure you know the story about the Milwaukee Brewers' hard-hitting All-Star and NL MVP winner Ryan Braun and how he was issued a 50-game suspension because he tested positive for a banned substance.

He took the test in October 2011 and the urine sample had a high level of testosterone caused by a performance-enhancing drug. Braun disputed the appeal and had his case heard in January 2012.

Well what do you know, on February 23rd a three-person arbitration panel (MLBPA Director Michael Weiner, MLB VP Rob Manfred and independent arbitrator Shyam Das) voted 2-1 in favor of Ryan Braun, the first time that a MLB Player had successfully challenged a drug test result.

Did he really win his case? Did he really prove that he was innocent? The decision was based on a TECHNICALITY...and what was the technicality? A courier, who was supposed to deliver the samples (Braun stated that he and two other players took the test that day) to FEDEX on Saturday, instead the stupid (or lazy) ass took the samples home, thinking the FEDEX center might be closed. He took the samples to FEDEX on Monday to have them shipped. The BREAK in the chain of custody (the samples are supposed to be delivered ASAP) raised a big question about the process taken, and Das gave the tie-breaking vote in Ryan's favor.

Now, I like Braun and really don't have nothing against him. I'm sort of glad that he's cleared himself...or did he? It is easy to say that he is innocent, but then he could indeed have tested positive for a banned substance and got lucky that the courier had something else to do or just got lazy on a Saturday night. Let not forget that there is a DIRTY URINE SAMPLE and that there was reportedly THREE PLAYERS taking the test. So if it wasn't Braun's, then it had to be one of the other two players who took the test. All in all, there was someone who was cheating and that is what everybody seem to be forgetting and that is what makes me shake my head and think that the game will never be PED-free....and that is the shame of it all. <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
Posted on: February 21, 2012 4:49 pm

Greg Oden: BUST or just BAD LUCK?

The Portland Trailblazers made Greg Oden (C) the No. 1 pick (out of Ohio State) in the 2007 NBA Draft; as of Monday, he is set to undergo his FIFTH KNEE SURGERY since he's been in the league.  It has been stated that Oden has not appeared in a NBA game since December of 2009.  In the 82 games that he has played...he's averaged 9.4 points, 7.3 rebounds and 1.4 blocks in a game.

The question is, do you consider Greg Oden a BUST in the NBA...or just a player who ran into a lot of BAD LUCK

You decide.
Posted on: February 5, 2012 1:21 pm

The NY Giants will win Super Bowl XLVI...

The time is more day...SUPER BOWL!!!!

The casual fan who doesn't have a "Horse in the Race" might not think this is a big deal, but for us football fanatics who might be upset that their favorite teams aren't in there, still think this is the biggest day in sports and will enjoy it no matter who's playing in The Game.  All we want is a GOOD GAME...not a blow out.

Now I might show my BIAS, because I am an official NEW ENGLAND PATRIOT-HATER but this is MY BLOG and I'm going to do what I please.With that being said, I will give you the recipe the New York Giants need to do in order to come out of this with the Lombardi trophy (in hand) at the end of the game.

Eli (I'm Elite) Manning - Keep playing like the ELITE QB you have shown to be...limit the turnovers (he had 16 INTs for the season) and attack the Patriots secondary with the WRs at your disposal.  

*Key WRs - Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham

The Two-Headed Running Monster
Brandon Jacobs - I know he had a sub-par season, but was reliable and consistent in the postseason.  Keep on beating down the defensive line and get them tired so the second punch (Bradshaw) can carve them up.

Ahmad Bradshaw - I know he's dealing with the foot issue, but he just need to suck it up for one more game and just run through a tired defense and get your yards!


The Front Four has to put pressure on Tom Brady EARLY and OFTEN.  Do not give that man time in the pocket, because if you do...he will pick you apart!

*The Front Four -Justin Tuck,Chris Canty, Jason Pierre-Paul and Linval Joseph

Linebackers have to keep Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez under control...DO NOT LET THESE TWO BEAT YOU IN THE MIDDLE!!!

*Linebackers - Mathias Kiwanuka, Chase Blackburn and Michael Boley

Safeties have to step up and help out the linebackers with the TEs.

* Safeties - Antrell Rolle and Kenny Phillips

Cornerbacks need to keep their eyes on Wes Welker in the middle and Deion Branch on the outside beating you deep.

*Corners - Corey Webster and Aaron Ross

The Giants had problems covering Gronk the last time they played (Giants won 24-20); he had 8 catches for 101 yards and a TD.  Hernandez had 4 catches for 35 yards and a TD.  The defense also had problems with containing 49ers Vernon Davis in the NFC Championship game, but they adjusted and neutralized him for the rest of the game.

If they follow this game plan and do the necessary adjustments in the game, I believe the Giants will come out VICTORIOUS!!!!!

Final Score - GIANTS 24     PATRIOTS 17.

Let's wait and see...enjoy the game.

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